7 ‘Vices’ Your Doctor Actually Wants You to Have

By The Captain November 13, 2020

Wellness Captain Vices That Are Good For You

Enjoy a night out (or in) with friends

Generally, spending time with friends is mandatory for a balanced, happy life. What we may not realize is that our buddies also have a great influence on, well, pretty much every aspect of our lives: our weight, our diet, our fashion taste and even education.

If your friends have a good influence, spending more time with them will help you thrive – and stay healthy. Since your body releases feel-good hormones during pleasurable activities, enjoying a night out with friends is a great stress reliever.

How can you safely enjoy a night out during lockdown? Our list of 4 Innovative Apps to Keep Your Loved Ones Close During COVID-19 is a great place to start.


Bask in the sun

You know that feeling of waking up full of energy without even knowing why? Well, one of the reasons could be the nice weather outside.

Science has already proven that natural, direct sunlight reduces your risk of depression and gives you a well-needed dose of vitamin D.

Sunlight can quite literally give you extra energy too: bright days inhibit the production of melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy. Therefore, you become more alert and ready to start your day.


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