7 Worst Foods You Can Eat for Diabetes (+ Healthy Alternatives)

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By The Captain October 11, 2020

Wellness Captain Worst Foods for Diabetes

#7: French fries

Dr. Andrews likes to describe French fries as ‘little carbohydrate sponges soaked in fat.’

Hint: that’s not very good.

A single large serving of fries can offer 25 grams of fat, 500 calories and over 63 grams of carbohydrates which – as you may have guessed – are entirely unhealthy. Not only can such nutrients cause a spike in blood sugar levels, but they can also increase your risk for cardiovascular disease in the long run.

The American Diabetes Association notes that starchy foods such as peas, corn and potatoes are all valuable sources of minerals, vitamins and healthy fiber. Therefore, you should not cut potatoes off your diet completely and just find new ways of enjoying their flavor.

Wellness Captain Captain’s Tip: Next time you order a burger at the restaurant, kindly ask the waiter to change fries for baked potatoes or other healthy alternatives like veggies.


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Which foods have you gave up on in order to manage diabetes? Share your answers in the comments and let’s keep each other smart and healthy!


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