8 Bad Pieces of Health Advice You Should Definitely Ignore

By The Captain July 29, 2020


Cracking your knuckles causes arthritis

As satisfying as cracking your knuckles might be for some people, the fact that your joints make that cracking sound can’t be a good sign, right? While it’s not exactly a good thing, it’s really not that bad either; and sure enough, it’s not going to lead to arthritis, as some might claim.

If you don’t believe us believe Harvard Health experts who explained that the infamous popping sound is caused by the air bubbles forming in the joint spaces. According to a study published by the Journal Hand Surgery and Rehabilitation, there is no evidence to suggest cracking knuckles can cause or worsen arthritis or lead to poor grip strength.

Just ask Donald L. Unger who conducted a 60-year experiment by cracking on the knuckles on his left hand. After analyzing the progression of arthritis in both hands, he found cracking the knuckles had no effect.

If things seem pretty clear with knuckle-cracking, you might want to know more about other joint-related issues such as Osteoarthritis from A-Z: Signs and Homemade Remedies.


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