8 Life-Saving Questions You Should Ask Your Pharmacist

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By The Captain April 9, 2021

8 Life-Saving Questions You Should Ask Your Pharmacist 1

‘Why am I taking this?’

This seems like a silly question for many.

Of course I know why I’m taking these drugs, my doctor prescribed them!

Well, you’d be surprised by how many people are taking drugs without knowing what they actually do to their body.

Whenever you’re purchasing new medication, ask your pharmacist what it’s good for. Double-checking can give you piece of mind or some valuable extra information!

As for refills, always check the label and the tablets to make sure they’re the same ones you used to take. If you notice any difference, by all means contact your pharmacist or doctor right away!

The drug brand may have just changed the appearance of the meds, but they could have also changed their purpose or content.

Here’s what Michael T. Rupp, PhD, professor of pharmacy at Midwestern University in Arizona has to say:

‘As someone who does expert witness work in pharmacy malpractice cases, it is distressing to see how often the patient saw something that didn’t seem right but did not mention it to the pharmacist.’


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