8 Most Common Post-Acute COVID Symptoms Doctors Warn About

By The Captain February 23, 2021
8 Most Common Post-Acute COVID Symptoms Doctors Warn About 1


Some people suspected of having been infected with the novel coronavirus but never got tested to confirm it. Others might have overlooked some of the symptoms or attributed them to seasonal allergies, the common cold or the flu. Regardless of their reasons, there are many people out there whose COVID-19 infections remained undetected. Sadly, many of them are now fighting unexplained health issues which might have very well resulted from contracting the virus.

These people are called long haulers – people who experience lingering symptoms following recovery from COVID-19. “As we think about how many millions are affected with COVID, you can imagine over the next two years, if not longer, we will continue to see a large number of patients with long-haul symptoms,” says Dr. Rany Condos, clinical professor of pulmonary medicine and critical care at NYU Langone.


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