8 Possible Reasons You Feel Hot All the Time

By The Captain March 18, 2021

8 Possible Reasons You Feel Hot All the Time 1

Do you constantly feel like you’re on fire, regardless of the season and weather? Do you wake up in the middle of the night all sweaty and overheated or experience constant hot flashes while sitting at your office desk?

If you’re constantly asking yourself what’s wrong with your body thermostat, you should know there are many people in your situation, especially women. So, what exactly could be wrong with you?


Why am I hot all the time?

If you feel unusually hot for no apparent reason, there are various factors that might be preventing you from maintaining your temperature under control, such as stress, anxiety, your exercise regime, or your last night’s spicy dinner.

However, if feeling hotter than others happens more often than not (not in a good way) you should not rule out a visit to the doctor’s office to eliminate other possible medical conditions that might hurt you in the long-term. While you’re at it, make sure you also check out these 7 Possible Reasons You Are Cold All The Time.

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Stress and/or anxiety

Whether you realize it or not, stress can really take a toll on your health. When you’re constantly worked up and antsy, the hypothalamus, the region of your brain located near the pituitary gland, can go haywire and perform its functions poorly.

Among the many things the hypothalamus is responsible for, we’ll just name the one thing we are currently discussing right now: body temperature. Whenever you’re hot, the hypothalamus works like a thermostat and regulates the internal body temperature by sending signals to your sweat glands and making you sweat to cool off to a normal 98.6°F (37°C) temperature.

When your hypothalamus is unable to make you sweat, either because of stress or an underlying medical condition, you may experience constant waves of heat

8 Possible Reasons You Feel Hot All the Time 2 How to solve it: If the cause of your constant hot flashes is stress, resort to activities that help you relax and unwind. Take a walk in the park, try breathing exercises, or better yet, go on a holiday and take a break from whatever’s making you stressed.



Your thyroid gland is responsible for the production of hormones that regulate metabolic processes such as growth and development, as well as body temperature. These hormones have a crucial role in regulating many parts of your body and if they go bananas, you might frequently have an increased body temperature.

Hyperthyroidism, also going under the name of “overactive thyroid” manifests through the overproduction of the hormone thyroxine. The fastest effect of thyroxine overproduction is the acceleration of your metabolism, which, in turn, causes other side effects such as excessive sweating and heat intolerance, regardless of the weather.

8 Possible Reasons You Feel Hot All the Time 2 How to solve it: If you think you have thyroid problems, you should consider seeing an endocrinologist and taking a blood test.

8 Possible Reasons You Feel Hot All the Time 4

High caffeine intake

Caffeine is, for many of us, the reason we are able to function properly in the morning. It can have numerous health benefits, from helping you lose fat to improving your physical and cognitive performance. But just like with any other thing in this world, too much of it can have adverse effects. And one such effect is that it can make you feel hot and uncomfortable.

8 Possible Reasons You Feel Hot All the Time 2 How to solve it: If you’re an avid coffee, a good way to bring your temperature within optimum parameters is to reduce your coffee intake as much as possible. Not necessarily give it up completely, because you will experience several unpleasant side effects, but drink less coffee and more water. Pretty soon, your body temperature should go back to normal.

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8 Possible Reasons You Feel Hot All the Time 6

Perimenopause or menopause

Usually, perimenopause begins when women are in their 40s but in some cases it can also occur to much younger women. In the years preceding your menopause, your hormones can go completely out of whack, making you feel all sorts of things, overheated being one of them.

Normally, during the night, your body should be capable of regulating its internal temperature to facilitate sleep, but when this doesn’t happen, you can blame it on your hormones. If you start having unexplained hot flashes, check your family history.

8 Possible Reasons You Feel Hot All the Time 2 How to solve it: If you know that your mother had the same condition, check with your doctor and try to come up with something that might help you like taking vitamins, exercise, try a different diet or hormone therapy.



When your body temperature is not within optimum parameters, your body has to work overtime to produce sweat and regulate your temperature. Sweat takes the heat to the skin surface where it evaporates, and your body cools down.

If you don’t drink enough water and you become dehydrated, you’re not providing your body with enough water to lower your increased body temperature.

8 Possible Reasons You Feel Hot All the Time 2 How to solve it: The answer is easy: drink between 6 and 8 glasses of water per day (or other fluids). You’ll be surprised by just how quickly your hot flashes will disappear.

8 Possible Reasons You Feel Hot All the Time 9

Being overweight

If you’re on the heavier side and always feel like you’re on fire, your extra pounds might be the culprit. As explained by Research physiologist Catherine O’Brien, people “who have more surface area compared to the total volume of their bodies, lose heat more quickly [whereas a] more muscular physique may also offer some protection against hypothermia, partly because muscle tissue generates lots of heat.”

While body fat might feel like an extra set of clothes during winter, it’s definitely not comfortable to feel excessively hot all the time.

8 Possible Reasons You Feel Hot All the Time 2 How to solve it: If your diet is abounding in simple carbs (for example, those in white bread), the answer is pretty clear: you have to eliminate them from their diet. Also, you could try easy ways to burn calories like taking a 15-minute walk or mild jogging every day.

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During ovulation, estrogen and progesterone switch places, with the latter taking the spotlight and estrogen assuming a subsidiary role. Progesterone is one of the main hormones that prepare the uterus for pregnancy but while it does this, it can also affect your core temperature, making you feel hot and uncomfortable.

Given that your hormones oscillate around your menstrual cycle, your body temperature might also fluctuate towards the hotter side.

8 Possible Reasons You Feel Hot All the Time 2 How to solve it: If you’re experiencing short episodes of heat, wear light, breathable fabric, hydrate yourself and use a portable fan.


Your medications

You might take some medication for your obnoxious headache and end up having hot flashes instead. That’s because there are numerous prescription drugs that include hot flashes on their list of side effects. If you are really looking for someone to blame, blame it on antidepressants, migraine and other pain relievers, asthma inhalers, heartburn, and reflux meds, diabetes medications and even Viagra.

8 Possible Reasons You Feel Hot All the Time 2 How to solve it: If you take prescription medication that increases your body temperature, talk to your doctor and maybe ask to be prescribed a different medication.


When to contact your doctor

There may be various conditions and reasons that could be making you feel constantly hot but if you realize that the reasons are beyond your control, that’s when you need to talk to your doctor and make sure your hot flashes are not caused by something more serious.

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