8 Signs Your Diet Is Ruining Your Waistline

By The Captain September 11, 2020


You’re extremely stressed

If you can’t seem to lose weight, no matter what you do, excess stress might be one of the culprits. “Chronic stress and weight gain are an issue in our society- especially during this crazy time in our world,” says Debbie Potts, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and health consultant.

There are various ways stress can affect you. It might make you crave sugary foods, turn to emotional or comfort eating to address unpleasant or uncomfortable situations, you confuse thirst with hunger and overeat. Want to find out more? Here’s How Stress Is Affecting Your Weight Loss Plan.


You’re retaining water

Many people who want to lose weight struggle with water retention. Before giving up your weight loss plans, it’s important to know the difference between water weight and fat weight. “Excess fluid will absolutely contribute to the overall weight. It’s also possible that the underlying cause for your water retention could be a contributor to stagnant weight,” according to Elly McLean, a nutritionist at The Natural Nutritionist.

If you’ve made improvements to your diet but still feel bloated, lethargic and experience a sudden weight gain, it might be because you are holding onto more water than usual.


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