8 Things You Should Never Do Before a Doctor’s Appointment

By The Captain February 3, 2020


Don’t drink coffee before a blood pressure test

If you have a doctor’s appointment scheduled anytime soon, the basic tests you’re probably going to take include the blood pressure test.

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If you don’t want the results of your medical exam to be affected, then you probably shouldn’t drink coffee or other caffeinated drinks such as cola within an hour of your blood pressure being taken. That’s because caffeine can influence the numbers and make them unnaturally higher. Tobacco has similar effects, so you might want to avoid it as well. For more details on the effects of smoking, click this post!


Don’t eat a high-fat meal before getting blood drawn

Eating fatty foods like cheeseburgers, juicy steaks and fries is a big no-no before a regular blood workup.

If you don’t normally eat unusually large meals, you definitely should not do it when eight to ten hours before getting your blood drawn, given that the blood work includes measurements of cholesterol and other fats.

It will only cause the results of your test to be skewed and prevent your doctor from seeing the actual health condition you’re in.


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