8 Things You Should Never Do Before a Doctor’s Appointment

By The Captain February 3, 2020


Don’t take any cold medicine

If you’re not feeling well, don’t take anything that might prevent your doctor from seeing the unusual symptoms and signs of a more serious issue. Certain over the counter medications could raise blood pressure or ease some of the symptoms, generating confusing test results.

However, if you’re hurting too much and can’t wait until the doctor sees you, make sure you remember the symptoms you ‘ve experienced and the medicine you’ve taken. Write everything down if necessary!


Don’t drink alcohol before a cholesterol test

Consuming alcohol before taking a cholesterol test may affect your triglycerides levels (one of the four components measured in your lipid panel), causing unnecessary concerns. Therefore, 24 hours prior to any cholesterol test, it’s imperative to steer clear of any alcoholic beverages.

Doctors also recommend avoiding sweets, high-fat foods, and overeating in general. You can indulge in a donut (no more than two!) afterward. For more information regarding cholesterol, see also 10 Alarming Symptoms Cholesterol Is Damaging Your Legs!


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