8 Ways to Protect Yourself Against the Mutated COVID-19 Variants

By The Captain February 2, 2021


Reduce the size of your social bubble

Your risk of contracting one of the new variants increases with each person outside your household that you meet indoors. In addition, the more people you meet, the difficult the contact tracing later on.

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“This would be a good time to reduce the number of families in your bubble, which, as positivity rates increase, may not be as safe as it once was,” Braunstein suggests. You don’t have to isolate completely, just to make sure you are taking appropriate safety measures like meeting with only a few people who you trust, not only emotionally but also virologically. Just remember, when you want to meet up with your friends, single digits only!


Reduce onsite shopping

You’ve been doing it for the most part of 2020, so sticking to the same shopping practices in 2021 as well, should not be that difficult. Given that the new variants are more contagious, the time spent inside a store, shopping for food, clothes, and other necessities, should be reduced to a minimum.

That’s because every minute you spend indoors exposes you to the virus more. If you have the possibility, opt for curbside pickup or delivery service to reduce your risks. I know it sounds scary and we’re all sick of hearing scary and alarming news about COVID-19. Unfortunately, it is our current reality and if we ever want to get through the tunnel, not just see a distant light at the end of it, we have to do everything in our power to stay safe first.


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