9 Body Parts Most People Don’t Clean Properly

By The Captain February 7, 2020


Bottom and sides of the feet

You might say your feet are the smelliest parts of your body, especially being cooped up in socks and shoes all day long. If you think they get clean in the shower just from the soap and water rolling off your body, think again.

Here are some areas you should not ignore:

Toes –moisture and bacteria can build-up in the spaces between your toes. Rinse these spots and dry them afterwards. You can also use talcum powder after showering.

Base – The soles of your feet do not get cleaned up by keeping them in the soapy water in the shower. Mix soap and warm water in a basin and soak your feet in it.

9 Body Parts Most People Don’t Clean Properly 1 Captain’s tip: Wash and dry between your toes with mild soap and scrub your feet with a pumice stone every day.


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