9 Foods You Didn’t Know Can Adversely Affect Your Brain

By The Captain July 4, 2021

9 Foods You Didn't Know Can Adversely Affect Your Brain 1

Red meat

Eating a juicy steak might be the highlight of your evening but making it a daily occurrence will not be good for your heart and brain. That’s because red meat is high in saturated fat, which has been found to cause inflammation in the brain and increased risk of stroke and dementia.

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“Though the data on saturated fat is mixed, highly processed food is most likely the primary cause for results linked to reductions in brain tissue size and inflammation, which impacts brain health,” says Kirkpatrick. Protein is important so go for healthier sources such as fish, lean poultry, and beans.

However, not everything deemed healthy is good you’re your health, such as these 10 “Healthy” Foods Seniors Should Avoid Eating Altogether!


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