9 Foods You Should NEVER Mix with Your Medication

By The Captain May 26, 2021

9 Foods You Should NEVER Mix with Your Medication 1

Grapefruit & Calcium channel blockers

According to Harvard Health Publishing, calcium channel blockers are most commonly used to treat high blood pressure and angina.

Most medication in this category can be taken safely. However, some pills can be negatively influenced by the common grapefruit juice, like nifedipine or felodipine.

You might get the same effect when combining the delicious juice with statins – medication used to treat high cholesterol. That’s because grapefruit can inhibit the enzyme CYP3A4, which is responsible for metabolizing drugs.

So what can you do? Well, the simplest solution is to turn to fresh orange juice instead, since grapefruit is the only citrus that can negatively affect your meds treatment.


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