9 Foods You Should NEVER Mix with Your Medication

By The Captain May 26, 2021

9 Foods You Should NEVER Mix with Your Medication 1

Aged cheese & MAOIs

The abbreviation MAOI stands for ‘monoamine oxidase inhibitor,’ a medication category that includes many antidepressants such as Marplan or Parnate.

These drugs can negatively interact with foods high in tyramine – an amino acid responsible for blood pressure regulation. Depending on the quantity of your meds and food consumed, you might be at risk for a hypertensive crisis!

The most popular foods high in tyramine are aged cheeses, fava beans and pickled herring. Some wine varieties might also contain dangerous quantities of tyramine, so make sure to check those out as well.

Simply asking your doctor or pharmacist if your treatment belongs to this category of meds so you can adapt your diet can keep you safe. And since you’re there, here are 8 life-saving questions you should also ask your pharmacist with every visit.


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