9 Things EVERYONE Should Know About Allergy Shots

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By The Captain October 11, 2020

Wellness Captain Allergy Shots Essential Information

8. They might improve mental health

When dealing with allergies, some people may only experience mild symptoms that cause minimal discomfort. In more severe cases, though, this illness can affect the quality of life and might even leave people unable to cope with daily tasks.

And when your life is changed by a medical condition, so are your mental and emotional states. Allergen immunotherapy that turns out to be beneficial can restore self-confidence, improve the mood and lower the chances of developing anxiety and depression.


9. You can have under-the-tongue treatments too

Let’s say you may really benefit from an allergen immunotherapy, but your schedule just doesn’t allow you to attend every session. In such cases, your doctor can also recommend sub-lingual therapy.

This option implies taking tablets that dissolve under the tongue every day; you only need to take them at the doctor’s office for the first couple of days so he can be sure there are no bad reactions. Afterwards, you can safely follow the treatment right at home.

Note that this type of therapy doesn’t cure any type of allergy as injections do. Right now, you can use sub-lingual therapy for:

  • Grass pollen
  • Ragweed pollen

Wellness CaptainATTENTION! Some doctors might also suggest that you take liquid drops under-the-tongue for other kinds of allergies. Be aware that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve the use of allergy drops, so you might want to opt for other options instead.


Are you suffering from an allergy right now? If so, what are you doing to ease the symptoms or cure your condition? Share your experience in the comment section and let’s help each other out!


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