Are Vaccines That Safe? Experts Discuss 8 Popular Theories

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By The Captain April 5, 2021

Are Vaccines That Safe? Experts Discuss 8 Popular Theories 1

  1. Vaccines can actually infect us

Another common reasons why people refuse to vaccinate themselves or their loved ones is thinking that the vaccine can in fact infect us with the very disease it’s meant to prevent.

It’s true that many vaccines can give us side effects that resemble the disease they were designed against. When this happens, many people fear that the vaccination has gone wrong and they’re actually suffering from the actual disease.

Firstly, these symptoms occur simply because the immune system is getting accustomed with the vaccine. You may think of it as a learning process where your immune cells are accumulating new information to learn how to keep you safe in case you contract that specific illness.

The second reason why side effects and strange symptoms may occur is because vaccines are manufactured using antigens – tiny parts from the organism that causes the disease. Since part of the vaccine resembles the virus structure, you may experience symptoms similar to the actual illness; however, it does not mean you got infected.


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