Struggling with Bad Breath? Avoid These 8 Foods at All Costs

By The Captain September 10, 2020



Another food, not necessarily known for its breath-ruining skills, is eggs. Like other high-protein foods, eggs release a compound called hydrogen sulfide into your bloodstream, during the digestive process.  When it seeps out your lungs, throat and mouth, it comes off as a pungent, eggy odor.

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The pungent smell is usually caused by overcooked eggs, so you might want to stick to soft-boiled eggs for everyone’s sake.

Struggling with Bad Breath? Avoid These 8 Foods at All Costs 1

Citrus fruit

Contrary to what you may think sweets aren’t the only ones packed with sugar. Certain citrus fruits also have considerable amounts of sugar, which is actually one of the factors contributing to their acidity. And guess what? You’re not the only one that loves sugar; bacteria are also big fans and love to feed on it to multiply.

This means eating a lot of citrus fruits can result in having really bad breath, especially if you’re prone to acid reflux.

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