BEST Way To Stay Fit? Try Walking 10,000 Steps a Day

By M. C. October 21, 2021
10.000 steps

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Nowadays, digital pedometers are everywhere: fitness trackers, cell phones, and smartwatches. Reaching a daily goal of 10,000 steps a day has become an interesting discussion and even a national obsession.

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It might seem silly to walk around in your house to reach your daily 10,000, but in reality, it’s more than just a game. A 2017 study showed that when it comes to maintaining or losing weight, 10,000 steps a day are just as relevant as a 30-minute workout.

By doing this, you contribute to your overall health. It’s easily done, and it’s super healthy. Actually, if you ever wondered what’s the purpose of collecting 10,000 steps a day, here are a few things you should know:


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Green Shakes: The One Thing You Need for Energy and Weight Loss

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