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Celebrity Workout: How to Get Kate Hudson’s Rocking Body

By The Captain October 8, 2019

© @katehudson/instagram.com

Many celebrities swear by certain workout routines but are also among the first ones to try new, challenging fitness fads to keep their bodies fit and amazing. Kate Hudson is one of them.

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From her long-practiced Pilates to cardio, strength training and more aggressive routines, like boxing, she is a fitness fanatic who works hard to maintain her fabulous shape.

With a fit body and a motivation second to none, her workouts include a mix of moves that work the upper and lower body for maximum results.

Ab-wheel roll out

Bird dog

Overhead triceps extension

Biceps and arms curls 

We took a peek at one of her Instagram videos to find out how, apart from her sculpted abs, she is able to maintain and show off her rock-star arms.

Try it and tell us your results!

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