Everything Donald Trump Eats in a Day: Disturbing or Not?

By The Captain December 4, 2020

Wellness Captain Donald Trump's Daily Menu

Snacks and drinks

The former U.S. president is reportedly a big fan of Diet Coke, sometimes drinking several cans a day. He always skips alcohol and the media believes this is due to his brother’s alcohol struggles from the past.

As for snacks, the only thing he’s really into are chips and crisps. To make sure he satisfies his cravings every time, Mr. Trump’s White House kitchen is stocked with Doritos and Lay’s.

The problem? Well, most of the snacks on grocery store shelves are overloaded with salt and empty calories. The term ’empty calories’ basically means that a food gives you very little to no nutrients at all while giving you the illusion of being full. The more snacks you eat, the more likely you are to suffer from high cholesterol levels along with an increased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and blood circulation problems.

Sure, we can all give in to such cravings every now and then. However, considering Donald Trump’s daily menu overall, he’s most likely not getting his daily recommended intake of nutrients to stay perfectly healthy.


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