Senior Workout: 3 Rules to Exercise Correctly After 50

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By The Captain January 13, 2020

Senior Workout: 3 Rules to Exercise Correctly After 50

3. Taking longer breaks isn’t good…

…it’s actually highly indicated after turning 50! Many people of all ages don’t take any days off from training, thinking this will improve their physical performance. As Dr. Kruse says, your body puts in much more effort to recover muscle tissue, therefore it needs more time to be ready for another workout.

Make sure to wait until you don’t feel any muscle soreness at all before engaging in another series of exercise. If you still feel pain in certain areas after a few days, check whether it’s something more serious like an injury.

Senior Workout Advice: Precaution and determination are key to staying healthy, happy and active at any age as long as you adapt your routine to your new physical needs.

Make sure to combine our tips with a balanced diet and you’re on the right track!


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