12 Things Your Eyes Are Telling You About Your Health

By M. C. November 1, 2021
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  • You have allergies – If your eyes get dry at times and the skin around them is looking a little worn, it might be due to unknown allergies. The more your eyes are itching, the more you might unconsciously rub them too often. “Rubbing your eye hard or often can cause your eyelid to become looser, more relaxed and even saggy.”
  • Your retina could be in danger – If you notice some little specks that move around your field of vision, you should visit the doctor. The specks are called eye floaters, and a sudden increase in their number might be a sign of a retinal tear or detachment.
  • You need more sleep – Do you wake up with your eyes all puffy and red? Well, you shouldn’t assume you have an infection, it might just be a sign that you’re tired. “Next to twitching, you can discover that you suffer from a huge lack of sleep if you wake up with your eyes all red and irritated.”
  • You’re getting too much sun – Some people develop a yellowish patch or bump on the whites next to their iris, and it’s called pinguecula, and the cause of them is too much time spent under the sun.
  • You could have jaundice – If you notice that the whites of your eyes are yellowing, this is definitely a warning sign that something’s wrong with your body. It can be a sign of jaundice, a condition that occurs when there’s excess bilirubin, a yellow compound formed from the breakdown of red blood cells in your blood.
  • You might be spending too much time on your computer – Too much time spent in front of the screen might irritate your eyes.
  • You’re straining your eyes – Noticing that your eyes have broken blood vessels might be alarming, but most times, it’s just an indication that your eyes are working overtime.

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