This Is How Often We’ll Need To Get a COVID Vaccine

By The Captain March 5, 2021

This Is How Often We’ll Need To Get a COVID Vaccine 1

People with immunity from a past COVID infection can also avoid quarantine

According to the CDC, apart from fully vaccinated people, those who’ve already been infected with the virus can also skip quarantine after exposure to a COVID-19 case, if they are asymptomatic. The only condition to avoid quarantine is for you to have been infected in the last three months so that you still have immunity to the virus. More than 95 percent of people who have recovered from the virus infection have been found to have durable memories of the virus up to eight months after their illness.

“This recommendation to waive quarantine for people with vaccine-derived immunity aligns with quarantine recommendations for those with natural immunity, which eases implementation,” says the CDC. Speaking of immunity, these 4 Symptoms Might Indicate You Have Longer Immunity to COVID.




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