This Is How Often We’ll Need To Get a COVID Vaccine

By The Captain March 5, 2021

Wellness Captain Coronavirus Vaccine FAQ

The optimum window between COVID shots is still under review

Although most experts agree that getting a COVID shot will become a recurrent event, some stress the fact that opinions still differ in terms of the best timeframe between the shots and more research is needed to determine such interval.

“You need to cast a wide net to find Goldilocks,” says John Grabenstein, PhD, a former executive director of medical affairs for vaccines at Merck and a former Department of Defense immunologist. “You want to look at shorter intervals, you want to look at longer intervals, to determine when the best time is, if needed, to re-vaccinate.”

At the moment, Pfizer is undergoing trials on patients who received their first dose six months to a year ago, during their first trials after the coronavirus outbreak.


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