Why Is Dr. Fauci So Concerned With The Omicron Variant?

By The Captain November 27, 2021
Why Is Dr. Fauci So Concerned With The Omicron Variant? 1

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Are there any drugs that work against the variant?

Based on the virus’ current behavior, scientists predict that antiviral drugs that have been recently approved to treat COVID-19 might work. That’s because these particular meds are preventing the virus from replicating inside your body cells.

However, there are no certainties yet. Considering that the new variant has so many mutations, the current drugs we have may only target part of the virus – while its mutated strains will still thrive inside our bodies.


Will the new variant affect you too?

So far, scientists don’t have a clear warning. The CDC didn’t issue any statement yet, but we do know experts are following up the virus’ evolution closely.

So far, the B.1.1.529 variant has been confirmed in Botswana, South Africa, Hong Kong, Israel, and Belgium. However, its mutation makes it so different that it might’ve already reached other countries undetected, experts say.


What are the main symptoms?

Due to the low number of confirmed cases, it’s still hard to say how the new variant affects the system. However, most of the symptoms resemble the usual warning signs of a COVID-19 infection. Fever, cough, loss of smell and taste might all be present.

However, the real danger is in the virus’ mutation. Considering that it can easily evade the immune system, the new variant is the most dangerous one yet, especially for people at risk, such as the elderly, or immunocompromised patients.

In summary, all we can do for now is to continue to follow all safety measures recommended by the CDC. This is more important than ever, as the new variant may even be vaccine resistant, so stay safe!


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