Top 10 Most Dangerous Food Additives You Should AVOID

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By The Captain April 4, 2021
Top 10 Most Dangerous Food Additives You Should AVOID 1

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  1. Sodium nitrite & sodium nitrate

Definition: These two preservatives are mainly used in meat products due to their ability of preserving that nice pink color. They’re also great at preventing bacterial growth, which means that meat will stay fresh for longer.

The only problem is that any food rich in these additives that’s exposed to high heat (aka cooking) creates a reaction that forms nitrosamines. These guys are basically notorious for increasing your cancer risks tremendously.

According to food manufacturers, this chemical reaction is hindered by adding erythorbic acid or ascorbic acid – but in the end this just meant we end up ingesting more artificial substances than our body needs, right?

Found in: sausage, bacon, hot dogs, pre-packaged meats


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