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Top 11 Most Dangerous Foods and Drinks for Diabetics

Top 11 Most Dangerous Foods and Drinks for Diabetics 1

  1. Unsweetened fruit juice

Yes, you read that right. Unsweetened fruit juice is perhaps the most surprising item on the list for many people.

After all, how can something 100% natural not be healthy?

Well, the answer is simple: fruits are sweet because they contain fructose, and they’re healthy because they’re unprocessed and give you plenty of nutrients.

However, fructose can cause a spike in your blood sugar levels just as much as refined sugars do. Fresh fruit juice has a much higher concentration of fructose than eating whole fruits, so when your body gets it all in a few sips, your blood sugar levels go through the roof.

Just think about the fact that an 8-ounce can of soda has almost as much sugar as the same can of natural apple juice (22 and 24 grams).

Multiple pieces of research have proven that constant consumption of fructose can promote insulin resistance and heart disease in the long run.

If you’re looking for a sweet treat, you can eat whole fruits instead or any of the snacks mentioned on the previous page.


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