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Top 11 Most Dangerous Foods and Drinks for Diabetics

Top 11 Most Dangerous Foods and Drinks for Diabetics 1

  1. Breakfast cereals

Okay, I’m not including all breakfast cereals in this category, but let’s admit it: almost all of those colorful, crunchy cereals are highly processed and overloaded with salt and artificial ingredients.

Unlike plain oats, for instance, those colorful breakfast cereals contain a lot of carbs in the form of sugar which take your blood sugar levels through the roof. Many of them contain little protein, but what they do have is preservatives, food coloring agents and other artificial ingredients meant to trick your senses.

Once again, don’t let yourself be fooled by the ‘diet cereal’ labels, as many of these products aren’t healthy either! For example, just half a serving of granola gives you 44 grams of carbs and barely has 4 grams of protein.

Breakfast may or may not be the most important meal of the day for you; either way, it’s your first opportunity to give your body its much-needed dose of nutrients, thus preventing weight gain and other diabetes risk factors!

These 7 essential breakfast rules for people with diabetes can help you make a healthy shift in your breakfast routine!


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