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Top 11 Most Dangerous Foods and Drinks for Diabetics

Top 11 Most Dangerous Foods and Drinks for Diabetics 1

  1. Maple syrup/agave nectar/honey

They’re some of the healthiest ways of avoiding refined sugar while still enjoying sweet goodies. Honey also gives you a powerful dose of antioxidants, so what’s there not to like?

Well, these natural sweeteners can also cause a spike in your blood sugar levels that’s equally damaging to sugar (depending on how much you eat).

Here’s how many carbs you’ll get from a single tablespoon of the most popular sweeteners:

  • Maple syrup: 13.4 grams
  • Honey: 17.3 grams
  • Agave nectar: 16 grams
  • White sugar: 12.6 grams

Does this mean you should replace honey with white sugar just because it has fewer carbs?

No, because honey gives you the much-needed nutrients your body needs to stay healthy!

The only thing we should learn here is that natural sweeteners can affect blood sugar levels just as much as processed ones do. Consuming each in moderation is fine unless your doctor has already advised you otherwise.


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