Top 7 Strangest Things That Can Affect Your Heart Health

By The Captain October 14, 2020

Wellness Captain Strange Things That Affect Your Heart Health

Your educational level

This 2016 study published in the International Journal for Equity in Health found that the more years of school people had, the less likely they were to suffer from a heart attack. The same study showed that adults with little to no educational qualifications were more than twice as likely to have a heart attack than those with a college degree.

Researchers believe that getting a good education can keep your heart somewhat healthier because it generally means more chances of earning a good income, adopting healthier diets and the ability of preventing illnesses through frequent medical exams.


Shoulder pain

If you feel shoulder pain after a tough workout, there’s probably no reason for concern. However, if you’re constantly dealing with this discomfort, it might be time to get checked by a specialist.

During a study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, people with high risk factors for heart disease (such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart cholesterol) were also more likely to report frequent shoulder pain or rotator cuff injuries.

Right now, specialists are still unsure of what causes this association. However, they noticed that treating high blood pressure can also relieve shoulder discomfort gradually.

There could also be a link between some diseases that affect the bone and cartilage structure and heart disease. If you’ve been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, Achilles tendonitis and tennis elbow, it might be a good idea to get regular check-ups with your doctor.


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