Top 7 Strangest Things That Can Affect Your Heart Health

By The Captain October 14, 2020

Wellness Captain Strange Things That Affect Your Heart Health

Binge watching

Why are some of the best things in life harmful to our health? I’ll explain right away.

First of all, watching a few episodes of your favorite TV show causes absolutely no harm. If you make a lifestyle out of binge watching, though, you might increase your risk of heart illness in the long run.

According to the American Heart Association, prolonged sedentary time is labeled as an independent risk factor for heart attack and stroke.

Dr. Casale explains that inactivity can predispose anyone to blood clots – even healthy individuals. For most people, binge watching is also linked to unhealthy snacking or eating junk food which, once again, can mess up your heart health.


Being fat-shamed

Feeling good about your appearance isn’t beneficial just for your mental health. A study published in the journal Obesity showed that women with high levels of ‘weight-bias internalization’ (applying negative stereotypes about obesity to themselves) were much more likely to suffer from metabolic syndrome than others.

These results are yet another proof that shaming people into losing weight and being healthier can never have a good outcome. If you or someone you know is overweight or underweight, the best place to start is by building self-confidence and creating a balanced plan for a better lifestyle.


Lifting weights

Staying active is a crucial part of keeping your blood circulation and heart healthy in the long run. While strength training also counts as an excellent physical activity, make sure to not overdo it.

A 2016 study published in the American Journal of Physiology showed that a single session of interval weight training can improve blood vessel functioning in adults.

However, Mary Ann Bauman, MD, spokesperson for the American Heart Association, recommends her patients a healthy mix of stretching, strength and cardio.

Not sure where to start? Our Beginner’s Guide to Running for the Win covers everything you need to know to start off on the right foot (literally!).


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