Vaccinated People vs. the New Delta Variant

By M. C. August 27, 2021
vaccinated woman with fever

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Learn about the Symptoms

As the CDC estimates, only .098% of fully vaccinated people can experience symptomatic breakthrough cases, but even so, they do happen. These cases are often categorized as mild because they don’t require additional oxygen.

But you can still feel very sick, and you can suffer from symptoms that could last longer than six weeks. If you have recently suffered from a severe cold, it’s best to tell your doctor and get a COVID test, so you can avoid spreading it to other people(especially if you live in an area with a low vaccination rate).

The Delta symptoms are the same as the ones we’ve been highly used to, including runny nose, sore throat, fever, loss of taste and smell, with a new one that’s been introduced, which is the headache. There are many people who were infected with the new Delta variant and explained the feeling: it’s like a bad cold or a “funny, off feeling”.


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