Vaccinated People vs. the New Delta Variant

By M. C. August 27, 2021
vaccinated man in India

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Different opinions

  • Study 3: If you haven’t heard so far, Israel asked all its citizens to go back to wearing masks, although it was one of the first countries to have most of the citizens fully vaccinated. That is because of a recent study conducted in Israel, that claims the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine does not offer the same protection as it has been originally estimated. The study suggests the vaccine is only 64% effective against the infection and 64 % effective against symptomatic illness, after the two doses.
  • Study 4: On the other hand, there’s another study that researched the effectiveness of the vaccine in India, where the Delta variant first emerged. The results are encouraging: the vaccine is 88% effective against the Delta variant, with both two doses done.


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