Warning: These 10 Foods Can Give You Terrible Heartburn

By The Captain May 6, 2021

Warning: These 10 Foods Can Give You Terrible Heartburn 1


Drinking mint or peppermint tea can do wonders for your health whenever you experience digestive problems such as bloating or nausea.

However, consuming high doses of spearmint can have the negative side effect of causing heartburn.

Unlike other foods, spearmint doesn’t weaken the lower esophageal sphincter; instead, it irritates this barrier to the point you experience the same sensations as heartburn.

Additionally, this study published in the journal Gastroenterological Review looked at 500 subjects, part of which were consuming peppermint tea. Shockingly, the group who drank peppermint tea daily had a 50% higher risk of experiencing heartburn as opposed to those who didn’t.

If you enjoy your daily cup of tea, try to see if there’s a link between the moment you drink it and your heartburn. You can reduce your intake or eliminate it altogether for a few days to see if the heartburn disappears.

It might also be caused by the next food group on our list…


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