7 Ways Technology Can Help You Lose Weight

By M. C. September 20, 2021
7 Ways Technology Can Help You Lose Weight 1

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  • Keep track of the facts – There are interactive weight-management Web sites that can help you keep track of everything, from food to your daily exercises. There’s like a personal secretary for your weight-related to-do list. There’s a recent study that shows how consistent users who recorded their weight at least once a month, maintained the most weight loss. The best sites are the ones that encourage you to acknowledge your weight, exercise, and calories consumed.
  • Start an e-mail chain – There is a British study that shows how clients that were receiving encouraging e-mails from a dietitian were more likely to maintain weight loss, but this can work if you receive support from family and friends as well. You can set up an “accountability thread” e-mail, where you can share all the ups and downs with a weight loss progress chart at the bottom of the message.
  • Turn your smartphone into a coach – If you need a little help counting your calories, or many miles you have to walk to burn off those burgers, your smartphone can be helpful. There is an abundance of personalized apps that will tell you what to eat (based on your favorite foods), but also will help you train for a 5K and teach you how to use those machines at the gym.
  • Snap photos of your plates – Take pictures of your daily meals and store your photo diary on your phone. There’s a study that suggests how doing so might improve your diet. Plus, we all have a selective memory when it comes to our diets, so recording what you eat as you go can contribute to honesty and accountability.

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