Weekly Health Horoscope – Best Prediction for 1 – 7 June

By The Captain June 1, 2020









SAGITARIUS - Health Horoscope Prediction SAGITARIUS – Health Horoscope Prediction for 1-7-June

The Full Moon this Friday is fully manifested in the sign of your birth, which means that in the second part of this week, you receive a well-deserved infusion of energy. In this way, you could also schedule on Thursday and / or Friday some activities that you might otherwise have scheduled for next week. But be careful not to overwork, forgetting to rest when necessary.

CAPRICORN - Health Horoscope Prediction CAPRICORN – Health Horoscope Prediction for 1-7-June

This Friday’s Full Moon is fully formed in the house of the subconscious in your general horoscope, which means that some fears and frustrations could become more evident in the second half of this week. The fact that they appear on the surface should give you food for thought and encourage you to be actively involved in their management. Otherwise, you will hit them more often.

AQUARIUS - Health Horoscope Prediction AQUARIUS – Health Horoscope Prediction for 1-7-June

On Saturday and Sunday, the Moon moves through the house of the subconscious in your general horoscope, which means that this weekend could surprise you in a meditative mood. You probably haven’t finished ruminating on al­­l the emotional changes you’ve been through in this troubled time we’re all experiencing, and the Moon is coming to your aid, making your introspection processes easier.

PISCES  PISCES – Health Horoscope Prediction for 1-7-June

The stars are not putting pressure on you this week. You enjoy an optimal energy level, which helps you complete all the activities scheduled for the coming days. But still, you may need extra motivation to take care of yourself. Make time in your schedule for exercise or any other time of preoccupation that helps you relax.­


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