Weekly Health Horoscope – Best Prediction for 22 – 28 June

By The Captain June 22, 2020









SAGITARIUS - Health Horoscope Prediction SAGITARIUS – Health Horoscope Prediction for 22 – 28 June

In your case, it cannot be said that the stars have prepared any kind of challenges for you this week, emotionally or medically. It’s true, you might start Monday a little harder, in the sense that you still carry with you that day the baggage of some not so pleasant weekend experiences. But once you get into the business, you will be able to get over this emotional ballast without any problems.

CAPRICORN - Health Horoscope Prediction CAPRICORN – Health Horoscope Prediction for 22 – 28 June

Venus returns on Thursday to walk directly through the physical health house in your general horoscope, which means that you will receive an influx of energy from the second part of this week, that you will have more work power. Also, if you have had certain medical problems lately, expect them to improve in the next period. Things are starting to return to normal.

AQUARIUS - Health Horoscope Prediction AQUARIUS – Health Horoscope Prediction for 22 – 28 June

On the first day of the week, the Moon moves through the health house in your general horoscope, which means that Monday could be a pretty difficult day for you. Maybe you haven’t gotten enough rest or something bothers you physically. Or you may have a tendency to internalize what is wrong with family life or work. Try to distance yourself emotionally from what is not going the way you would like.

PISCES  PISCES – Health Horoscope Prediction for 22 – 28 June

Neptune begins to demote on Monday with the sign of your birth, which could mean that you are feeling worse with energy in the next period. Maybe you will have a tendency to procrastinate or you will probably not be able to gather, to direct your energy towards a clear goal. It is important to find ways to mobilize so as not to miss some valuable opportunities.


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