Weekly Health Horoscope – Best Prediction for 25 – 31 May

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SAGITARIUS - Health Horoscope Prediction SAGITARIUS – Health Horoscope Prediction for 25-31-May

Mondays and Tuesdays surprises you by being quite sensitive and easy to hurt, especially by your loved ones or people with whom you carry out professional activities. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid negative energy environments and not open topics that you think would be difficult for you to manage. Try to show a positive attitude and not cling to any problems.

CAPRICORN - Health Horoscope Prediction CAPRICORN – Health Horoscope Prediction for 25-31-May

On Wednesdays and Thursdays, the Moon traverses a house often associated with transformations, which means that the middle of the week could bring some events that have quite a strong emotional impact. It is also possible that they have a connection with the person you love or with whom you carry out professional activities. Try not to be alarmed unnecessarily and show a positive attitude.

AQUARIUS - Health Horoscope Prediction AQUARIUS – Health Horoscope Prediction for 25-31-May

Mercury stops this Thursday in the house of physical health in your general horoscope, announcing the beginning of some weeks in which your energy level depends on the emotional state in which you are and vice versa. So you have to maintain a state of balance between the two dimensions so that your productivity, but also your relationships with others do not suffer in the future.

PISCES  PISCES – Health Horoscope Prediction for 25-31-May

On Wednesdays and Thursdays, the Moon crosses the physical health house in your general horoscope, a sign that it would be desirable that, in the second part of the week, it would be desirable not to schedule tasks or activities that would physically overwhelm you. Your energy level is lower then, and your ability to cope with a great and sustained effort decreases considerably against this background.


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