Weekly Health Horoscope – Best Prediction for 29 June – 5 July

By The Captain June 29, 2020









LEO - Health Horoscope Prediction LEO – Health Horoscope Prediction for 29 June – 5 July

For those born in the sign of Leo, this week is a demanding one and the natives find that it takes a lot of effort to fulfill their responsibilities. Your health must support you in all the plans you have, so it is advisable not to neglect your diet, weight, sleep and exercise program. All these little precautions will help you maintain your daily tone at a time when you “do not have time” to get sick.From a mental point of view, you are tense, but you have a good resistance to stress and you manage to solve the problems that affect you mentally.

VIRGO - Health Horoscope Prediction VIRGO – Health Horoscope Prediction for 29 June – 5 July

If last week leaves room for better for those born in the Virgo sign, this week is announced to be much better in terms of health. Virgo natives have an overflowing physical and intellectual energy, they have an iron resistance to stress, in short we could say that it is hard to get tired of a Virgo native this week. You are alert, energetic, lucid and the condition of the immune system is very good. Illness will bypass you and you will enjoy an excellent physical and mental state that will support all your efforts in the other areas of life.

LIBRA - Health Horoscope Prediction LIBRA – Health Horoscope Prediction for 29 June – 5 July

A full and busy for Libra natives. Many events and worries disturb the inner state of the natives, but those born in the sign of Libra have an important astral quality: they are strong and never give up fighting for what they want, for better solutions, protecting their interests and loved ones. Physically, the health of Libra natives is very good, although sometimes they feel tired. They have a strong body with a high capacity for resistance to disease, but also for regeneration.

SCORPIO - Health Horoscope Prediction SCORPIO – Health Horoscope Prediction for 29 June – 5 July

Scorpio natives enjoy the most the astral context of this week.

Those born in the Scorpio sign are active, energetic, strong, optimistic – this week the brain mechanisms are supported by stars They think well, they feel when they have to act and how long to wait, they have a strong logic and all this helps the Scorpio natives to avoid obstacles and maintain an excellent mental tone. So, you are serene, joyful, optimistic, happy because you are going through a very good period. Physically you have excellent health, a strong immunity and an organism that works excellently.


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