6 Reasons Why Americans Refuse To Be Vaccinated

By M. C. November 9, 2021
getting vaccinated

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  • Reason 3: Vaccine side effects – For some people, the concern is the vaccine itself. By that, we mean the side effects that can occur with it. Some concerns are about something that the vaccine really causes, such as aches, fever, or fatigue. But they can also be about things that aren’t proven, such as long-term health risks or unproven claims about infertility. Some of these examples can be overcome by getting the right information. Officials, media, and experts have a major contribution to this process.
  • Reason 4: Lack of trust in the vaccines – Aside from concerns about side effects, many of those who are hesitant don’t have a lot of trust in the vaccines. They believe the process of developing this vaccine was too fast, and truth to be told, it was a record time from conception to mass production. They may avoid it also because the vaccine wasn’t technically approved by the FDA, but was authorized for emergency use. The other ones are traditional anti-vaxxers, who never believed in vaccines at all. There are ways to break through this minority of people, such as explaining how clinical trials work and the efficiency checks that the vaccine has passed.
  • Reason 5: Lack of trust in institutions – For those who are hesitant, the problem is not about Covid-19 but the institutions. Some people don’t trust the government agencies or the companies that helped develop this vaccine. Some may even lack trust in the health care system in general.
  • Reason 6: A strong portfolio of conspiracy theories – Half the people that don’t want to get vaccinated are strong believers in at least one conspiracy theory. The best hope to eliminate this problem is for public officials and media to stop spreading it and correct it.

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