10 Canned Foods You Should Avoid at All Costs

By M. C. February 14, 2022

Photo By tataks from Envato

Worst types of canned food:

Campbell’s Homestyle Light New England Clam Chowder

If you were fooled by the fact that this canned product has the words “light” and “100 calories per serving” written on it, we get it. But now it’s time to open up your eyes and realize that beneath the aura of natural ingredients there is one nasty additive, and that’s titanium dioxide.

You don’t have to be a chemistry genius to know that it sounds bad, but this whitening agent has been linked to many health implications in humans, like hindering the functioning of digestive cells or reducing the absorption of nutrients like iron and zinc. Given the fact that it’s LOADED with bad additives that have no nutritional value, there’s no reason why you should ever eat this.


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