Celebrity Workout: The Secret to Blake Lively’s Stunning Body

By The Captain October 24, 2019

Celebrity Workout: wellness captain


Celebrity Workout

With one of the best bodies in the movie industry and plenty of talent to match that, Blake Lively is a real role model for so many of us aspiring to achieve our dream bodies.

Even more so, considering that the Gossip Girl alumni gave birth this summer to her 3rd child and her post-pregnancy body is still as amazing as ever.

The secret to her stunning body, according to her trainer, Don Saladino, is that her workout routine is very doable and realistic and incorporates a mix of exercises that tone her body from head to toe, along with a diet that focuses on protein, veggies and no processed foods whatsoever.

Let’s have a look!

Celebrity Workout: The Secret to Blake Lively's Stunning Body 1 If you want to try a Blake Lively fitness routine, take a look at these simple but efficient exercises and incorporate them into your own routine! 

Celebrity Workout


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