5 Things Experts Do to Boost The Immune System

By The Captain July 6, 2020

Wellness Captain 5 Things Experts Do to Boost The Immune System

Boost The Immune System

If we’ve been doing our best to boost the immune system until now, the COVID-19 pandemic doubled our efforts. Washing hands and social distancing are key to staying away from the SARS-CoV-2 virus, as well as other bacteria and viruses lurking around.

However, nothing can protect you from literally everything… except for a strong immune system.

Your body is home to an army of immune cells waiting to fight off any threat that enters your system – but they need your help. In order to stay strong and function correctly, these cells need a few healthy habits on your part.

Today, a team of experts reveal what they do daily to strengthen their immunity, gain energy and stay positive.


 What Experts Do to Boost the Immune System


#1 Create a sleep routine

According to E. John Wherry, PhD and director of the Institute for Immunology at the University of Pennsylvania, sleep may literally be a life saver. ‘The best data we have about how to improve immunity is on getting the right amount of good sleep,’ he says.

Eating, working, walking, everything you do makes your body release inflammatory cells. Sleep gives your system a break when it can regulate its functions to start the day fresh, so get your pillow ready for tonight!

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#2 Go out

Mariana Figueiro, Lighting Research Center director, takes a 30-minute walk almost every morning. Of course, staying active is important regardless of when you do it, but mornings can boost the immune system even better.

As Figueiro explains, ‘morning light provides the most benefit in terms of avoiding circadian rhythm disruption.’ This simple habit is also mentally healthy, as it gives you some silence to think through everything you have planned for the day.


#3 Take magnesium

Mikka Knapp is a registered dietician-nutritionist who reaps the benefits of a magnesium-rich diet. ‘I make sure to have foods like spinach, beans, or nuts in my dinner. Magnesium helps the body and brain relax, which also helps your sleep feel more rejuvenating.’

And better sleep can boost the immune system, remember?


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#4 Use fitness trackers

Ian Braithwaite, emergency physician at The Royal London Hospital, has been using a fitness tracker long enough to confirm its benefits. He uses the tracker at night to get information on his sleep and heart rate; then, he changes his daytime routine accordingly.

‘For example, if I’m very well rested one night, I’ll push myself harder when I exercise the next day. If I haven’t slept well, I’ll do a low-impact workout and focus more on mindfulness the following day.’ This habit promotes a very healthy lifestyle to boost the  immune system instantly!

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#5 Stress less

Unfortunately, stress has a major negative impact on your mental and physical health – and the immune system makes no exception. Beatrie Tauber Prior, PsyD, shares her technique to avoid getting into a stress tailspin daily:

‘When I find myself worrying about the future and go down a dark rabbit hole of all the terrible things that can go wrong—like what if someone I love gets sick?—I name what’s true right now: In this moment, my family and friends are healthy. It’s a simple way to take control of my thoughts.’


What are you doing right now to boost the immune system? Let us know in the comment section and let’s chat!

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