The Ultimate Top 5 Foods to Eat Postpartum

By The Captain June 24, 2020

Wellness Captain 5 Foods to Eat Postpartum

During pregnancy, every mom-to-be does her absolute best to take care of herself and her baby: eating well, staying as active as possible, getting rest and staying optimistic.

But let’s face it: there’s that part of yourself that can’t wait to snuggle with your newborn on the couch while eating basically everything you had to avoid for nine months. And you most definitely deserve it!

Today I’m just here to remind you of a few foods that help you tremendously if you add them to your postpartum diet. Not only do they provide the energy you will surely need, but these options also offer essential nutrients you might be lacking at that point. Furthermore, if you’ll be breastfeeding, your baby will enjoy the same health benefits as well!

Without any further introduction, let’s have a look:


The Ultimate Top 5 Foods to Eat Postpartum


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Labor can be uncomfortable in countless ways and one of the most impactful one is sweating. The bad news is that excessive sweating can continue for several weeks after giving birth, as hormones take a while to self-regulate. In other words, you need to consume considerably more liquids than you’re used to daily (especially if you’re breastfeeding).
Chicken soup is hydrating, has plenty of nutrients and it’s just salty enough to replenish electrolytes naturally.

Salted crackers

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As you may already know, crackers are often recommended to fight nausea during pregnancy. However, they’re also a useful source of carbs you can snack on postpartum to re-gain energy; just make sure you choose a healthy option.


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A study taken at the Mashhad University of Medical Sciences shows that eating dates right after delivery decreases blood loss and hemorrhaging more than when given oxytocin – and that is a wonder of nature. Dates come naturally packed with sugar that keeps your energy levels up. Meanwhile, the healthy carbs provide satiety throughout the days (or sleepless nights) postpartum.

Oatmeal with fruit

The Ultimate Top 5 Foods to Eat Postpartum 7

The Ultimate Top 5 Foods to Eat Postpartum 8Giving birth is the start of a wonderful journey – but the first few days (or weeks!) may not be the fairytale you dreamed of. Two of the biggest struggles postpartum can be constipation and hemorrhoids caused by the birth itself, hormones and medication.
Oatmeal is a gentle source of carbs that keeps you fulfilled while easing the digestion process. Add whatever fruits you like on top for extra sweetness, vitamins and you have a great natural remedy for constipation!

Regardless of your choice in delivery (C-section or vaginal), your body will have to adjust to its new form. Now that your baby is out of the oven, your muscles, bones and organs need to rearrange; this can mean pain and soreness all over.
Eggs are one of the best sources of protein as they soothe sore muscles. You can cook it in so many ways and it’s a fast meal option, which will definitely be an important criterium!

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