Are Vaccines That Safe? Experts Discuss 8 Popular Theories

By The Captain April 5, 2021

Are Vaccines That Safe? Experts Discuss 8 Popular Theories 1

It’s already been decades since US public health officials have been striving to educate the population and eliminate some of the most common misbeliefs we have about vaccines in general.

Despite their efforts, research and evidence presented, many of us are still reluctant when it comes to vaccination for various reasons.  Unfortunately, this has also led to a concerning increase in severe illnesses although we already have developed vaccines for them.

Just a few years ago, for example, California reported 9,120 cases of whooping cough – more than any other year since 1940 when the vaccine for this illness was developed. Ten infants have tragically passed away due to whooping cough that year.

Ever since the first COVID-19 vaccines have been developed, we’re all thinking about whether they’re truly safe or not.

Have you heard the theory that says some vaccines can cause autism? Or that a vaccine can actually give us the very disease it’s meant to protect us from?

It’s 2023 and it’s time for all of us to learn the truth. Today, experts will help us figure out once and for all whether vaccines are truly safe or not.

Stick with us until the end to find out which are the recommended vaccines right now and bonus info about the COVID-19 vaccines!


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