Glowing at Home: DIY Coffee Scrub (3 Free Recipes)

By The Captain May 19, 2020

Wellness Captain DIY Coffee Scrub

DIY Coffee Scrub

More stress, chaotic mealtimes and altered sleep schedule – all of these things can have a negative impact. Add sedentarism caused by lockdown and you have the perfect recipe for disaster, especially when it comes to your skin.

Yes, that’s right. Often an overlooked part of the body, our skin needs just as much attention as any internal organ to stay healthy (and beautiful) over time.

But how can you take care of the skin during a pandemic that keeps you away from beauty salons and experts?  I have a one-word answer: coffee.


How coffee scrub helps your skin

Whether you’re a coffee drinker or not, you’re familiar with its sand-like texture. This makes it a very powerful exfoliant: strong enough to remove dead skin cells, yet soft enough to leave your skin smooth and unharmed.

Luckily, it takes just a few minutes to make your own coffee scrub right at home and use it on any part of the body you find necessary. Today, I’ll show you my top 3 favorite recipes for a DIY coffee scrub. Ready?


  • Method 1:

Ingredients: 2 tbsp coffee, 2 tbsp coconut/olive oil

Mix the coffee with coconut or olive oil (each is a great option) until you get an even consistency. You can apply it on your face and body and simply rinse using warm water after scrubbing.


  • Method 2:

Ingredients: 2 tbsp ground coffee, 1 tbsp granulated sugar, lemon juice

Perhaps you want to avoid applying oil to your skin and if that’s the case, this mask is for you. Simply mix all the ingredients adding lemon juice gradually until you get an even consistency.


  • Method 3:

Ingredients: 2 tbsp ground coffee, milk, cornstarch

Mix the coffee with milk and cornstarch (added gradually) until you get a thick paste texture. This coffee scrub is highly recommended to those with dry skin; while coffee cleanses the pores, milk and malai hydrate and moisturize them for more elasticity.

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