7 Surprising Food Hacks That Make You Healthier (Besides Eating)

By The Captain January 26, 2021

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We live in a century when it feels like most of our lives revolves around a basic need: eating.

Nowadays, food isn’t just something we eat to survive. Today’s food can be art, emotion, entertainment or even a solution for boredom.

And just when I thought there couldn’t be more recipes and designs invented in this domain, I’ve come across some truly interesting hacks – and none of them involve eating as we know it.

Turns out, food can help us get rid of many health and beauty problems ranging from removing our makeup to soothing a burned tongue and even creating shaving creams. Why should you opt for these hacks?

Firstly, you can be certain they’re 100% natural since you know every ingredient used. Secondly, we all have these foods hanging around the house (or at the nearest grocery shop), so they’re quick and affordable. And third, why not have some fun for a change?

Let’s discover just how amazing everyday foods really are and how we can make the most of them starting today:


Hack #1: Treat your flatulence

Whether you’re caught up in a meeting or simply feeling extremely uncomfortable after a feast with your loved ones, flatulence is never welcomed. If you don’t want to use over-the-counter medication (or don’t have any), just chew a stick of spearmint gum.

This simple snack contains oils which act as an anti-flatulent that soothes your digestive tract before experiencing even worse symptoms, such as cramps and pain. Chewing gum also heavily stimulates the production of saliva, which reduces stomach acid and might even treat heartburn.

ATTENTION! If you’re experiencing flatulence often, it might be caused by a hidden food in your diet. Our list of 7 surprising foods that give you gas can fix the problem.


Hack #2: Relax your muscles

Now that we’re spending so much time at home, most of us can’t do as much physical activity as we used to. Over time, this unhealthy habit can lead to muscle stiffness all over the body. Meanwhile, if you’ve embarked on a new workout journey, your muscles may become (annoyingly) sore.

In this post about natural remedies for swollen feet, we’ve learned about Epsom salt baths and their ability of reducing inflammation naturally. Next time you take a relaxing bath (with or without Epsom salt), add a few tablespoons of powdered yellow mustard. This ingredient helps your muscles relax in a natural way and it also enhances the positive effects of Epsom salt if you add it too.

Note that the best natural treatment for sore or stiff muscles will always be exercise. Not sure where to start? This free Beginner’s Workout Guide to Rock Your Body Right may be just what you need.

Hack #3: Soothe your burned tongue

Eating some hot chicken soup is one of my favorite lunch choices, but it always comes at a cost: a burned tongue. Well, if you have any sugar nearby, sprinkling a pinch over your tongue can soothe its soreness almost instantly.


7 Surprising Food Hacks That Make You Healthier (Besides Eating) 1

Hack #4: Relieve sunburns

Sunburns can happen anytime, whether you’re on a vacation or not. If you’re lucky enough to have any plain yogurt nearby, you can simply apply some to the affected area. Cold yogurt soothes the skin while its content moisturizes sunburns. Leave it on for a few minutes, rinse with cool water and you’ll be good to go temporarily!

Next time you go out on the beach, make sure you pack the right sunscreen for your skin type. This research has proved that spending time out in the sun can strengthen our immunity with minimal effort!

Hack #5: DIY shaving cream

Whether you may run out of shaving cream or just want a healthier alternative, making your own product is piece of cake. The one thing you need? Olive oil.

Sure, soap may seem tempting as well, but this shaving cream substitute can leave your skin dry and even irritated. Olive oil, on the other hand, hydrates the skin while protecting it from unwanted razor accidents.


Hack #6: Make your own dry shampoo

Just because we’re staying at home doesn’t mean we have more time for long baths and shiny locks. If you have a bad hair day and just don’t have the time to take a shower, dry shampoo can be a real life saver. Unfortunately, though, many brands on the market can cause dandruff or dry your scalp to the point it becomes irritated. A better alternative? To make your own!

Start by blending one cup of oatmeal until it turns into a fine powder, then mix it with one cup of baking soda. Rub a tiny amount of the mixture into the hair; leave it there for about two minutes so that it absorbs extra oils, then shake it out and brush your hair.


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Hack #7: Remove makeup naturally

Did you forget to buy a new makeup remover… again? You might want to wash your face with regular soap, but we all know how long it takes and how irritated your skin becomes.

However, if you have any powdered milk at home, your problems are all solved. All you need is 3 tablespoons of powdered milk mixed with 1/3 cup of warm water. You want to reach the texture of a heavy cream, so you may add extra powdered milk if necessary.

Now, use the mixture just as a regular makeup remover and rinse it with water. Voila!


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