Weekly Health Horoscope – Best Prediction for 29 June – 5 July

By The Captain June 29, 2020

Weekly Health Horoscope!

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ARIES - Health Horoscope Prediction ARIES – Health Horoscope Prediction for 29 June – 5 July

This week brings many changes in terms of health for Aries natives who learn now to take more care of themselves. They discover that negligence only brings them problems, which is why they make lifestyle changes. So, you have more initiative to choose a sports activity or to exercise, you will integrate in a new team, a happy team that urges you to a healthier life.Although, physically, the stars do not draw attention to a pathology, you are still mentally overworked, exhausted, with many worries that lead to stress. Crisis, anxiety, maybe even anguish are felt by Aries natives, and depressive states can give them a hard time. But the future is not so bleak, so stay close to your friends and keep your spirits up.

TAURUS - Health Horoscope Prediction TAURUS – Health Horoscope Prediction for 29 June – 5 July

For Taurus natives, this week is a complicated one, full of tensions, but also of lucidity and the ability to resist stress. There is an astral charge, this week, a charge that brings risks, so it is recommended for Taurus natives not to make health decisions. A number of older issues are troubling you this week, not necessarily through obvious symptoms, but through anxious worries.

GEMINI - Health Horoscope Prediction GEMINI – Health Horoscope Prediction for 29 June – 5 July

This week brings good news for Gemini natives about health. They are energetic and have a good resistance to diseases, immunity works optimally, so the diseases kind of bypass these natives. However, the week also brings small risks regarding the organs in the lower abdomen area. Either inadequate secretions occur in women or genital diseases, or in the case of men it can be a urinary or prostatic disease. In any case, it is advisable to seek the opinion of several doctors because the week brings risks in terms of inappropriate treatment. From the point of view of the psyche, the Gemini natives are well-mannered, have energy and resist stress, with an optimism that characterizes their sign.

Weekly Health Horoscope - Best Prediction for 29 June - 5 July 1 CANCER – Health Horoscope Prediction for 29 June – 5 July

On the astrological map of the Cancer natives there are a series of astral events that upset and disturb the inner state of the natives, their peace, feelings and contentment. Those born in the sign of Cancer have been going through a turbulent period of the soul for a few weeks, with many tensions and dissatisfactions, with doubts and worries, some of them maybe even without a specific reason. So the inner state of those born in the sign of Cancer is a vulnerable one, so the stars suggest not to rush to draw conclusions, to have patience to listen to others and to treat them calmly. These events also have an echo in terms of physical health. All organs sensitive to stress and depression fight back, so you can feel tired, you can discover liver problems, you can get sick because of decreased immunity to stress.


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