Celebrity Diet: Jessica Alba’s Clean Diet for a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle

By The Captain January 29, 2020

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Healthy Lifestyle

The natural beauty and incredible talent of Jessica Alba make her a fan favorite all over the world. Apart from her charm and acting skills, she is widely admired for her determination and commitment to a clean and healthy lifestyle.

Staying true to her beliefs in clean living, she even established her own company, The Honest Company, selling natural household items and personal care products, encouraging people to be careful with what they put on their bodies just as much as what they put in their bodies.

In her daily healthy routine, Jessica Alba focuses on consuming organic fruit and vegetables, combined with lean protein, mostly organic, and steers clear from stodgy carbs as much as possible.

healthy lifestyle

As she recently told an American publication, “We mostly eat lean protein and fresh fruit and vegetables, nothing processed or from a box, if we can. For me, when I don’t eat a ton of carbs, I have more energy. But I’ll for sure have a piece of chocolate. I’ll mow through a bowl of guacamole. If I’m not going to have dessert, I’ll have a martini.”

Healthy Lifestyle

Jessica also practices portion control but crosses off the following items from her diet list:

  • Pre-packaged products
  • White sugar
  • White flour
  • Fatty foods
  • Refined carbs

If you also want to learn how to healthify your diet and master portion control, you’ve got everything you need to know in Trouble with Portion Control? Here’s How to Do It Right and 10 Easy Ways to Healthify Your Diet for Weight Loss!

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