This Nutrient-Loaded Green Smoothie Is Perfect For The Spring

By The Captain March 1, 2021

This Nutrient-Loaded Green Smoothie Is Perfect For The Spring 1

I don’t know about you, but when I see ‘March’ on the calendar, my mood instantly changes. After one of the longest winters of our lives with COVID-19 cases on the rise, as well as political stress, the thought of just being able to look at a flower again or stay in the sun is… refreshing.

It’s equally healthy too. In fact, going out (as much as you can safely) can improve your joint mobility, as well as increasing your vitamin D intake, which is essential for good health in the long run.

But what if you just can’t find the energy to do it?

I know I’ve written so many recipes as part of my weekly smoothie series, but I just can’t stress the positive impact of these beverages enough: they’re easy to make (if you have kids, they can even do them for you!), they’re convenient and give you that long-needed nutritional kick to start the day right.

Today, we’ll explore the health benefits of what I see as a spring staple: the green smoothie. Not only does this drink give you plenty of nutrients, but it’s also incredibly tasty, thus redefining our *wrong* conception that green foods are boring or bland.

If you’re ready, let’s shake it up!


Delicious green smoothie


  • ½ medium banana. Got any ripe bananas ready to throw away? Stop! These yellow fruits are the sweetest when they’re ripe (literally) and they can give your smoothie a nice, creamy texture, without any added sugars.
  • ½ cup frozen pineapple. While I’m well aware that it’s only March, I still think that spring has some of that tropical summer vibe to it, as if it were to prepare you for the upcoming warm season. As a plus, using pineapple makes your smoothie even sweeter and it perfectly complements the banana flavor.
  • ¾ cup almond milk. If you’ve been following my smoothie series for a while, you know I highly recommend almond milk to this type of recipes. Not only does it give you plenty of nutrients, but it’s also a great way of achieving the perfect creamy, yet not-too-creamy texture for your beverages. If you’re not into almond milk, though, you can substitute it for cow’s milk, coconut milk (even more tropical-ish!) or any other alternative you like.
  • 1 tbsp nut butter. As a personal preference, I’d choose almond butter for this recipe since I’m also very much into almond milk. However, I also support using peanut butter especially at breakfast. Why? Well, here are just 10 of the amazing things that happen when you eat peanut butter!
  • 2 ounces fresh spinach leaves. This is the point where most people become skeptical about smoothies: the greens. In a way, I completely understand, since spinach consumed all by itself may not feel exactly delicious. However, this recipe integrates the spinach flavor into a mix of sweetness with a tropical pinch, which lead to a balanced, great taste overall.

BONUS TIP: Don’t have any pineapple? You can use some ripe mango instead for the same tropical vibe!




  1. Add the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy!


This green spring smoothie is the perfect way of starting the day due to its nutritional benefits. However, some people just aren’t into spinach or they may need additional protein and healthy fats for satiety. If that’s the case for you, I highly recommend this Greek yogurt smoothie recipe! The Greek yogurt has plenty of healthy fats that keep you full until lunchtime, while strawberries and peanut butter give you a good dose of antioxidants and protein.

Of course, you can also use protein powder to maximize your intake first thing in the morning! Not sure which option fits you best? Our in-depth posts below may help you pick the healthiest, tastiest product:

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